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May 4, 2015 Categories: art. No Comments on A strange day

F and I went to the RA yesterday to see the Richard Diebenkorn exhibition. F had seen it previously with her friend Angela, and was sufficiently taken by it to want me to see it too. We combined the visit with some shopping: I needed some shirts and a jacket, and Thomas Pink, in Jermyn Street, was only a few yards from the RA in Picadilly. We did the shopping first, and left our package in the shop to collect after we had seen the exhibition. Before walking round we had lunch: F is a Friend of the RA and so we ate our leisurely lunch in the Keeper’s room. While ordering our food we remarked to the server that the place seemed very quiet. He said something about there being no exhibitions on, which didn’t sink in with us because we were there to see the Diebenkorn. Having finished lunch we wandered off to the first floor where the exhibition was housed, to discover that the server was correct: there were no exhibitions on! After wandering round the RA shop we collected my purchases from Pink’s and headed off home.

Note to self: when a member of staff says there are no exhibitions on there are probably no exhibitions on.

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