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December 19, 2014 Categories: music. 1 Comment on I’ll name that tune in one

F is back at mine, having arrived yesterday. We were sitting together on the settee before dinner last night when I put some music on my Sonos player. The album was a recent acquisition, bought following a brief review and recommendation by, I think1, David Sparks aka MacSparky: Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Hardly had the first few notes sounded when F remarked, somewhat nonchalantly I thought, “Ah, Miles Davis. Kind of Blue?”. Given that the album was first released in 1959, and even F wouldn’t particularly think of herself as a jazz afficionado, I was impressed. And the album isn’t bad either.

1. I can’t find any reference to this album on David’s blog so it may be that I came across it somewhere else.

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