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September 9, 2013 Categories: behaviour and politics. Tags: politics. No Comments on Dismissing the views of others

CNN are giving extensive coverage to the build up to the US Congress vote on attacking Syria. Russia continues to be reported as insisting there is no evidence that the chemical weapons attack that took place recently was carried out by the Syrian government. The reaction to statements like that by many commentators seems to be to dismiss it as being simply Russia (and China, and Brazil, and India, and…) refusing to face up to the “facts” so that they are not then compelled to change their generally supportive position towards the Syrian government. FWIW it seems to me very clear that the attack was carried out by government. But that’s on the balance of probability, since there is no “smoking gun” evidence to support a view. However I can understand that others might take a different view of the evidence. So why are we generally so quick to dismiss the views of those with whom we disagree by rubbishing the basis for that view?

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