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September 15, 2013 Categories: politics. Tags: China, politics, Russia and Syria. No Comments on Evidence of the new world order?

It seems that China has now endorsed the plan hatched by the US and Russia to have Syria give up its chemical weapons. Is this yet more evidence of the shift in power away from the old geopolitical structures? If the plan works out (and that’s still a huge “if”) then we could finally be looking at the first example of the move away from Russia and China being seen as the abominable no-men, and a truly collaborative approach to solving the world’s most wicked problems. It won’t be easy, and there will almost certainly be tears before bed time, but if it works out it’s tremendously (though still only potentially) powerful. And it might yet prove to be a reaffirmation of the role of the UN, which has been seriously undermined by the actions of some of the superpowers in recent years.

We can only hope.

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