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October 20, 2013 Categories: photography. Tags: Beijing and photography. No Comments on Temple of Heaven Park

Spent most of today at Temple of Heaven park. Straightforward to get to using the very efficient (if always overcrowded) Beijing subway. The architecture is stunning, and tremendously well preserved. I had my Nikon D7000 with me plus a few lenses. I had intended to bring my much more compact FujiFilm X100 but that has a frozen aperture shutter and I’m waiting for Fuji to send me the packaging I’ll need to return it for repair under warranty. However I’m glad I brought the Nikon, because I’ve found the availability of the various lenses I have to have been invaluable.

There was more than enough to photograph in the park, but the day was topped off by the fact that there were a number of brides and grooms around, being photographed following their weddings. The costumes were absolutely stunning, and I can only hope that the shots I saw through the viewfinder are what come out.

On the way back I actually managed to get a seat at one point on the subway, a first.

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