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July 15, 2018 Categories: humour. No Comments on Only in The Times

Yesterday’s The Times carried its usual-for-a-Saturday Feeedback column, compiled by Rose Wild. The objective of this column is to give the readers of the newspaper an opportunity to comment on errors, omissions and related items that they feel ought to be drawn to the editor’s, and the wider world’s, attention. It’s always worth a read because, in many ways, it symbolises what I see as one of the key strengths of this newspaper, and why I read it. I can do no more than quote the entry wholesale, which referred to a submission from reader Will Mouger.

I think your picture of a silver washed fritillary is actually a comma. Further, I think the picture may be mis-filed in your library, as I’m pretty sure I advised you of the same error last year.

Will was, of course, correct, and the offending library caption has now been corrected.


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