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April 24, 2018 Categories: films. No Comments on Funny Cow

F and I saw Funny Cow at the cinema today. Maxine Peake was terrific in the lead role, with a strong supporting cast including the always reliable and very talented Alun Armstrong and cameo roles by John Bishop and Vic Reeves1. The story of a northern lass making good as a comedian2 by drawing on the experiences of her upbringing. One interesting if hard to explain factoid about this film is that there are 13 individuals credited with some form of “Producer” role, which is a record as far as I can see. Highly recommended.

  1. Not spotted by me until checking the IMDB record, but watch out for the vent just ahead of MP in the talent show line up.
  2. Probably ought to be comedienne but, as with the distinction between actor and actress, I don’t really see the point.

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