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September 17, 2016 Categories: food. No Comments on Another memorable meal

F and I are in Abu Dhabi at the moment, having decided we needed some sunshine after the relatively un-sunny summer in the UK. Today we had lunch at the Fishmarket restaurant in the Intercontinental hotel here in the city. Fabulous! No menu, simply a counter with the freshest, most sparkling fish and shellfish we have ever seen. There is no menu: you simply go to the fish counter with a waiter and he picks the fish or shellfish you want to have and takes it away to be cooked in the kitchen visible behind the counter. A brilliant concept, and one that I wish could be replicated in the UK. We had a bowl of Tom Yam Goong soup to start with, then made our choices. I couldn't resist the "Omani lobster", which seemed to me to be a different species of crustacean but a delicious one nevertheless. F had local "shrimp", which were the size of large tiger prawns, and we each chose an appropriate sauce. We didn't order any sides, wanting to enjoy the taste of the seafood itself. That didn't disappoint: it was some of the best food we have ever eaten. After an appropriate pause in the proceedings F returned to the counter and picked out a local red snapper that proved to have so much depth of flavour even without the lemon and garlic sauce that she chose to have with it. With a bottle of Gavi de Gavi it proved to be yet another memorable meal. The service from the staff was perfect, and we have booked to go back again on Wednesday. Highly recommended, as the TripAdvisor review we will shortly post will confirm.

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