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September 2, 2016 Categories: miscellaneous. No Comments on Back on air again

The dearth of postings over the last few months has been due to a number of factors, of which more in future posts. For the moment, and for the record, F and I picked up our new car yesterday. A Lexus NX300h F Sport, since you ask, with the “h” denoting the hybrid nature of the car, which is powered by a petrol engine and electric motors. When we arrived at the dealership to collect the car we expected to see it out on the lot waiting to be driven away. No sign of that, but it was a big lot and so the car could have been somewhere else. Inside the showroom there was another vehicle waiting to be picked up, with the usual sign denoting the make, model and price replaced by an announcement that this was Mrs X’s car, and congratulating her on the purchase. Assuming she was a favoured client of the dealership, we asked Sebastien, who had dealt with our sale all the way through, whether this was the case. It turned out that she was the wife of one of the main Board directors of the company: her husband was also picking up a car, the big brother to the one we were collecting. After some small talk Sebastien finally asked whether we wanted to see the car, and invited us to come with him elsewhere in the showroom. Towards the back there was a room with a sign outside and, inside the room a desk with a bunch of flowers, and umbrella and the keys for the car. However the best was yet to come, because Sebastien threw a switch to reveal our car sitting in the adjoining room in all its glory, beautifully lit and with a mirrored ceiling revealing it from the top! It was a special moment, and one that we’ll never forget.

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