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February 20, 2016 Categories: films. No Comments on Youth

F and I went to see Youth the other day, Michael Cane and Harvey Keitel. It was a strangely engrossing film that reminded me in some ways of work by Fellini, but with a more structured plot and story line. It’s difficult to describe what the film is “about”, other than refer to the title and remark on the fact that both Cane’s and Keitel’s characters were nearing the end of their lives. Some aspects of the film were, frankly, bizarre: the story was set in a Swiss sanatarium or health spa (IMDB and other sites talk about Cane and Keitel being on holiday, but it seemed less like a hotel and more like a sanatarium or health spa to me). One of the guests was clearly intended to be Diego Maradona, but it wasn’t at all clear why the writer felt it necessary to put him in the film. Regardless of this the photography was beautiful, and Cane and Keitel were brilliant. There was also a terrific cameo role from Jane Fonda, near the end of the film, that triggered one of the climactic points of the whole film. All in all highly recommended but don’t, as we did, expect a gently humorous piece.

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