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February 4, 2016 Categories: dim. No Comments on Even dimmer than usual

Tomorrow F and I are shopping for, in part, a new pair of Jeans Plus from Rohan. I have one pair already, and am motivated to buy another by the fact that, in addition to the straight leg variety that I have they have now brought out a tapered leg version. Reading a review of the latter I was struck by the fact that the jeans contained two security pockets. One was in the form of a rear pocket, additional to the externally mounted one that closes with velcro, that is secured by a zip that sits inside a seam, and is therefore invisible. The second is a “pocket within a pocket”, inside the front left pocket, also closed by velcro and invisible to the naked eye. “Great”, I thought “I’ve always thought my jeans could do with some extra secure pockets. As I put the existing pair into the wash, I checked. Yep, there they were. Now that’s what I call security.

I can be remarkably dim at times.

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