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January 31, 2016 Categories: films. No Comments on The Revenant

F and I saw The Revenant last weekend. A very good film rather than a great one, with an ending that left something to the imagination. The attack by the bear was a terrific scene, that made me wonder just exactly how it had been filmed. Although I wasn’t convinced that De Caprio’s acting merited an Oscar (it was pretty well the same piece of acting all the way through, with little in the way of emotional range) there is a case for a new category of “best beard” being introduced into the awards ceremony.

1. According to IMDB the attack was a goof, since, at that time of year, bears would have been in hibernation. And, a point that I remarked on at the time, in the scene when LDC escapes from the attack by the Pawnees he fires two shots from what appears to be a single barrelled pistol.

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