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December 6, 2015 Categories: books, food and miscellaneous. No Comments on The tracks of my hours

In some ways our days can be marked by the Web pages that we visit. Taking a selection of those from today, they include:

  • Various sites that advise on how to convert dried weights of pulses to “wet” weights. I’m making a dish from Ottolenghi’s last but one book (Plenty More) for dinner tonight, he gives weights for dried ingredients and I have jars in the cupboard, and I’m OCD enough to obsess mildly about how to convert1;
  • LinkedIn, where friends have started a conversation about books we have read, are reading, must read;
  • a number of traffic Web sites: F is on her way back from Shrewsbury to London, via Birmingham airport with R&M, and there are, apparently, severe delays on the M6, so I’m the real time navigator. Thank goodness for Google maps and FindMyFriends on the iPhone;
  • William Curley’s web site because I’m also watching a cookery programme that features his apparently delicious chocolates, and I might buy some for Christmas;
  • Hunan, the Chinese restaurant where you simply eat what the owner chooses to serve, that I’ve been meaning to go to for ages. I have the book, so maybe this week will be the week that F and I actually go there. And Hunan is within walking distance of William Curley’s shop in Belgravia here  in London.

That’s only a snapshot of the sites that I have visited today and, yes, I probably ought to get out more.

1. FWIW the received wisdom from the dozen or so sites that I checked thinks that 100g dried pulses converts to about 200g of “wet”.

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