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September 8, 2015 Categories: dim. No Comments on I can be really dim at times #48,539

F and I are now each the proud owners of an Apple Watch. I have the Sport, F the Edition, in pink champagne1. We bought them on Monday last, which was a bank holiday here in the UK, 31 August. A day or two after getting mine, I noticed a small numeral on the clock face, and wondered what it was. After only a moment’s thought I observed that it was showing the exact number of days that I had owned the watch. As an explanation that satisfied me for a few days, until I began to wonder how long the number would continue to increment, and how much space on the watch face it would occupy after, say, 10 years. Fast forward to Sunday past, the sixth day after taking ownership. We’re in the Apple Store in Covent Garden, trying to chase down a bug that prevents me from sending F a heartbeat, although she can send one to me. That offered a great opportunity to have the assistant confirm to me what this numeral was, so I asked her. She looked at me a little strangely, I thought, before politely telling me that it was the date2!
I can be remarkably dim at times.

1. F is not a pink person!

2. She was much too polite to add “knucklehead” at the end of the sentence, but she would have been perfectly justified had she done so.

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