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August 29, 2015 Categories: food, miscellaneous and theatre and film. No Comments on An eventful week: Part 1: Of bags and planes.

There’s been a lot going on this week, and I’ll probably take a few bites at documenting them. To start with, something that I found remarkable but that in many ways is probably the most mundane thing to have happened this week. On 22 August I ordered, online, a Cadet briefcase from Tom Bihn. I’ve been researching a new bag like this for some time1 and Tom Bihn had long been at the top of my list. Trouble was I also had a larger, carry-on type bag on my list of things to buy and the dilemma caused by having a choice between two items had effectively paralysed my decision making machinery. So, prompted by the fact that I had grown thoroughly tired of carrying around two bags on occasions, since neither of my existing bags could accommodate both my MacBookPro and the other daily essentials, I decided to at least get the briefcase.

22 August was a Saturday, and the Tom Bihn site reasonably pointed out that they filled orders Monday to Friday. So it was with some surprise that I received an acknowledgement of my order plus the link to the tracking site that showed the order had been processed and was ready to be collected by UPS by late afternoon on 24 August. The rest of the tracking history tells the story. The bag was delivered to my home in Wimbledon, London on the morning of 28 August, having travelled from Seattle via Portland, Louisville, Newark, Stanstead, Tamworth and Croydon over the preceding five days. Impressive!

Oh, as is the bag. I chose the verde/steel combination, FWIW. And I bought the Absolute shoulder strap and the cache to take my MBP 13in Retina display. In for a penny…

Tracking history for my Cadet briefcase.
Tracking history for my Cadet briefcase.

1. When I say “some time” I mean years. No point in rushing into things like this.

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