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August 5, 2015 Categories: travel. No Comments on The benefit of teamwork…

…or I can be remarkably dim at times #12,815.

In Geneva for meetings with our UN clients. First meeting this morning was scheduled for 9a, at WHO (or OMS as it is known by its French abbreviation). Before parting last night, Brian D and I agreed to meet around 8a, to check out before catching the bus to WHO/OMS. I dutifully set the alarm on my iPhone for 7a and, after FT with F, went to bed. I woke a couple of times during the night, but drifted off to sleep again almost immediately. I eventually woke at what I thought was probably around 6a and, on checking my ‘phone, confirmed that it was, in fact, 6:15a. I lay half asleep half awake for a bit longer, then eventually got up and, checking my iPhone, switched off the alarm at 6:45a.

After cleaning my teeth, showering and shaving, and tracking the day’s new stories on TV, I formed a plan to check email before dressing and packing, having decided that the almost certainly exorbitant cost of a hotel breakfast had no appeal. As I started to put my few things into my overnight case, the ‘phone rang. It was Brian. “I’ve had breakfast” he said “and have checked out, so I’ll see you in the lobby”. “Sure” I said “we’ll meet at 8 as we agreed last night”. “It’s already 8” said Brian. “In fact it’s ten past eight”. “No” said I “it’s ten past seven”. And then the truth dawned. Having religiously moved my wristwatch forward one hour on boarding the aircraft at LHR yesterday, and being vaguely aware that I was only to be in Geneva for 24 hours or so, I hadn’t bothered to engage my other rituals, designed to ensure that I have one time source tuned to UK time (usually my MBP) and every other one on local time. So my iPhone was still on BST, which was -1 CET. It was ten past eight, as Brian had said!

Despite that we made it to our meeting at WHO in very good time, around 20 minutes early. But for that telephone call, who knows what might have happened.

I can be remarkably dim at times.

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