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August 5, 2015 Categories: travel. No Comments on Thinking outside the box?

I’m writing this in the lounge at LHR T5, en route to Geneva. I’ve had a number of things happen during the course of the day that I feel are worth documenting and reflecting on.

  • My car arrived about 20 minutes late, after I had to call the car firm to find out where the driver was. Then he chose A3/M25 routing to LHR, and found that a problem on the M3 was causing traffic on the M25 intending to join the A3 to back up, which meant slow moving traffic on the M25. I had allowed lots of time to get to the airport, but had I not done then I might have been starting to worry.
  • En route to LHR I heard on the radio that there had been a power outage at the Terminal earlier in the day. One consequence was that bags couldn’t be sent to the aircraft, so people were being told that they should not expect their bag to arrive with them. As someone who has travelled a fair amount over the last 10 years (getting on for 250,000 in the last 27 months, for example) I still don’t pack overnight stuff in my hand luggage. Stupid or not?
  • The woman sitting next to me has spent the last 30 minutes complaining to various people on the telephone about her experience of being caught up in the power outage this morning. The whole tenor of her conversations has been “why can’t they do something about these things”? But black swans are black swans for a good reason.

Just some things that wandered through my mind as I sat in the lounge waiting for my flight.

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