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July 30, 2015 Categories: work and writing. 1 Comment on The perils of writing without a timeline

One of the things I plan to do when I retire stop working full time for my current employer and move on to do new things is to write a novel1. As I think about it from time to time, it has occurred to me that I will need to do some work to ensure that the events depicted do flow logically and that nothing gets muddled. In updating my CV this morning I came across this interesting example of what can go wrong when a writer doesn’t manage timelines. It’s from a post by Elizabeth Haynes about she uses Aeon Timeline to help with her writing. She’s having a conversation with Linda, who copyedited her first three novels.

Linda: “I’m working on the assumption that you did use a tide table to work out when the boat’s floating, and when it’s resting on the mud, right?”

Me: “Um…”

Linda: “Do you realise he gave her the flowers on Saturday 12th, and now it’s Friday 9th and she’s saying the flowers smell lovely but actually it’s 27 days later?”

Me: “Oh, right…oops…”

Linda: “You said on page 24 that he visits her on Fridays, but this can’t be a Friday because yesterday he went to the evening class, and on page 122 you said that he goes to evening class on a Tuesday.”

Me: “Okay…”


1. Or fail to do so, as only time will tell.

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