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June 2, 2015 Categories: food and travel. No Comments on Tonight’s dinner

I did a bit of research on the Web before going for dinner tonight, looking for places in Makati in particular that were recommended. That eventually led me to a place within a few minutes’ walking distance of the Picasso Apartments where I am staying, Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. It’s just off Tordesillas St in Salcedo Village, Makati. The menu offers home-made cheese, burrata and, my choice, red wine served at a decent temperature without ice on the side. About 30 covers, full of locals, all having a good time. Tempting authentic aromas filling the small restaurant. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, with lots of people cominging and going. Families friends and couples. I ordered burrata caprese then sausage pizza. The burrata proved to be closer to Mozzarella then burrata, but it was probably genuine Mozzarella more than the non-specific cheese that you might find in many “Italian” restaurants around the world.

There were people queuing outside on a Tuesday night and basil growing in pots on the wall. There was more fennel in the sausage than I wanted but alongside that hugely pungent fresh basil. As sees to be the norm nowadays there were couples seated “together”  at tables texting independently. My server, Reymar, was friendly and attentive. He was keen to push the honey with chilli that was on the table, a creation of the owners, apparently. It tasted of…well, honey and chilli, and didn’t really add much to anything other than sweetness and heat.

Throughout the night there were people waiting outside and being brought in as tables become free. The staff were working hard to fit parties to tables, and people seemed content to wait until space became available. The system meant that a late arriving two might get seated before a long waiting six, but nobody seemed to mind that.

When I left I felt well fed and satisfied. I felt less so when I got back to my apartment, thankfully only a few minutes’ walk away, to find that I had failed to pick up the only thing that our Accounts department seems interested in from trips like this – the receipt for the meal to justify what will become my expenses claim. A leisurely stroll back solved that problem, and allowed me to continue my 100% record on this trip for receipts collected.

When waiting for my started to arrive I spotted an interesting sign above the bar, which F will understand. Be patient, sweetheart.

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Sweet of the day?

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